Surprised Plenty of people actually liked my car. I may not have won an award, but seeing all these reactions is a great award. 😁 #toolazytocorrectmyenglish

Got plenty of compliments and attention as well. 😏

Always attracting all the attention. 👌

Earlier this morning before meeting up with @miracleasian and Luis for the #bballiancetb meet.

After two years of being a member of @bballiancetb #bballiance, I finally got me decals. Haha. 😁

@miracleasian’s 5th. Our caravan home. 👌#bballiancetb @bballiancetb

The homie Luis’s 4th gen. Our caravan home. 😉

#bballiancetb @bballiancetb

Rest stop #bballiancetb @bballiancetb

Caravan to #bballiancetb @bballiancetb